Thursday 23 August 2007

Third e-book edition of Happiness and the Art of Being

Today I have posted on my website at the third e-book edition of Happiness and the Art of Being, which is a revised and enlarged version of the second e-book edition, and an exact copy of the forthcoming printed edition.

Since I published the second e-book edition on the 20th March 2007, I have further revised it, making many minor changes and incorporating in various places a total of about 48 pages of additional explanations, and I have also added a detailed index.

The following is a list of all the major additions that I have incorporated in this final third e-book edition, which I have been posting here during the past one month. For each addition, I have listed the page numbers at which it now appears in this third e-book edition, a link to the article in this blog in which I posted it, and finally in brackets the page number of the location in the second e-book edition in which I incorporated it.

Chapter 2, ‘Who am I?’:

Chapter 4, ‘The Nature of Reality’:

Chapter 5, ‘What is True Knowledge?’:

Chapter 7, ‘The Illusion of Time and Space’:

Chapter 9, ‘Self-Investigation and Self-Surrender’:

Chapter 10, ‘The Practice of the Art of Being’:

As I said above, this final third e-book edition is an exact copy of the forthcoming printed edition, which will hopefully be available sometime with the next month.

In my website, on the page, besides giving a link to the third e-book edition I also give links to the first e-book edition and second e-book edition in case anyone wishes to refer back to either of those earlier two editions.


gokulaa said...

Thanks Michael!!

I'm looking forward to the printed edition of the book.


Unknown said...


Michael James said...

In reply to the above comment by Tom:

If there is any real clarity in the book, it comes only from Sri Bhagavan, the source of all clarity and wisdom, and not from my defective mind. On the other hand, if there is any confusion or lack of clarity in it, that is due to the imperfections of my mind, through which the perfectly clear light of his teachings have been filtered.

The more we can each subside and efface our false ego-self, the more clearly the truth of his teachings will shine in our heart.

celio leite said...

This Book: ''Happiness of Being'' is on the same level of the books of Sadhu Om and Muruganar. A masterpiece.
A gift to humanity, when we need most the direct Path of Ramana Maharshi.

And please, we need more books like yours in portuguese, to the brazilian people.

God Bless You, Michael.