Thursday, 10 May 2007

Back online

In my previous post, Please note – for a few weeks I will not have internet access, I wrote that for at least two weeks and perhaps longer I would not have an internet connection or access to my e-mail. That expected "two weeks and perhaps longer" turned out to be seven weeks, but I now have my internet connection again, and I expect it to be uninterruped for a while, except probably for ten days or so at the end of this month, and another ten days or so at the beginning of August.

If you have sent me any e-mail since March 22nd, I apologise for not having replied earlier, and I will try to reply during the next week or so. I now have a backlog of more than a hundred e-mails to read and respond to, so I cannot reply to all of them immediately, but I will do so as soon as I can.


Anonymous said...

There are some comments for you on:

Perhaps you should go to read them!



Sankarraman said...

It is nice to see you back Michale after such a long gap. One doesn't know what to ask when Bhaghavan has so clearly elucidated self-enquiry in a language void of technical jargon. YOUR BOOK IS WONDERFUL BEING A MAGNUM OPUS ON THE TEACHINGS OF BHAGHAVAN.

summa said...


Anyone who has experienced Bhaghavan's Teachings directly, unmediated by the mind, and those who are listening deeply within for truth, will recognize the clear and direct reflection of them in your book.

It is a gift of immeasurable value.

Thank You